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    BitFence™ Platform

    PROBLEM: There are 8.4 billion connected “Things” in use in 2017 with 28 billion “Things” predicted to be connected by 2021. 70% of IoT devices are susceptible to hacks due to major vulnerabilities. The Ponemon Institute found that 80% of IoT devices are not tested for security flaws from a study of 593 IT and Security practitioners.

    SOLUTION: Using deception technology BitFence detects new IoT threats and malicious actors, deflects, and counteracts attempts at unauthorized use of information systems and gives your security team an unfair advantage over hackers and confidence in IoT security strategies.

    HOW IT WORKS: Community members "mine" hackers by running honeynet IoT nodes and rewarded with HNY tokens. We correlate crowdsourced IoT threat information together and provide 0-day threat feeds, ACL lists and auditable on a blockchain device specific vulnerabilities and patching information to our subscribers.



    Started in 2015 by small group of security researchers and data scientists, BitFence created decentralized ecosystem of IoT devices and AI based threat intelligence engine.


    Using blockchain based technologies, BitFence created polymorphic honeynet comprised of IoT RaspberryPi devices. Honeynet implements proof-of-hack consensus algorithm.


    Security is Biggest Barrier to Smart City, IIoT Projects

    Lack of cyber security testing

    Most smart cities implement IIoT technologies without any cybersecurity penetration and vulnerability testing

    Poor or inadequate security measures

    Not wollowing best security practices and not utilizing cyber security protection

    Encryption Issues

    Using weak encryption combined with 100% uptime and wireless communication present easy target for hackers

    Lack of emergency mitigation strategies

    Emergency response is slow and poorly coordinated resulting in more malicious damage

    Large and complex attack surface

    With large number of IIoT devices connected its hard to perform security assessment

    Trouble keeping systems updated

    Deployment of patches and critical fixes delayed resulting in more vulnerable points exposed

    Use of legacy systems

    Fail to upgrade legacy systems that poorly maintained and supported results in increase of attack surface

    Pulic sector issues

    Unsufficient city budgets for deployment of properly secured solutions

    Susceptibility to DDoS attacks

    Lack of protection against denial of service attacks exposes additional risks

    According to many estimates, by 2020 potential market for smart cities will exceed one trillion dollars
    See / IOActive Report
    Birtrix offers full spectrum of cyber security solutions

    Solutions & Services

    In-depth vulnerability and penetration testing specific for IoT devices
    Measuring the attack surface and audit of cyber pasture
    BitFence IoT solution deployment, advanced decentralized, blockchain based cyber protection
    Encryption services
    Patch deployment systems
    BitFence DDoS protection
    Smart contracts and code audits

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    Smart cities are growing ...

    Smart Cities - Statistics & Facts

    Global Smart City spending 2020: $34,000,000,000
    Revenue of commercial and institutional smart building systems worldwide: $14,000,000

    About Bitrix
    Removing hackers from smart cities

    Smart cities, also commonly known as cyberville, digital cities, intelligent cities, and wired cities, are urban areas that collect electronic data from citizens, devices, and assets to manage available resources more efficiently. A wide range of information and communications technology (ICT) applications are executed to enhance, reduce costs and resource use, as well as increase the communication between government and citizens. Ideally, these applications can enhance knowledge and innovations, promote working environments, and connect technology and society. It also strives to embed a digital connection between government services and citizens to positively impact local communities.

    Security is Biggest Barrier to Smart City, IIoT Projects. Bitrix was founded to address this need.

    The global, standards-based non-profit polled IT leaders in the UK, US, Denmark and Sweden who are investing in these kinds of IoT projects. It found that although half have a fully implemented strategy already in place, 90% said they struggled to implement a plan and 36% said they found it “extremely difficult”.

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